vegan diet for bodybuilders

Vegan Diet For Bodybuilders : Guide and Meal Plan for Muscle Growth

vegan diet for bodybuilders

With animal rights becoming more and more popular and people becoming more and more aware, a vegan diet for bodybuilders is gaining fame. People have started shifting from heavy meat diets to healthy vegan diets as they have started to understand how important it is to save animals. Breaking the stereotype of gaining health and muscles through pork, beef, and chicken, gyms, and dieticians have started promoting the use of vegetables to build up a healthy body altogether.

What all to know about a vegan diet?

Bodybuilders tend to grow muscles through intense workouts and perfectly planned diets in order to grow a body that pleases one’s eyes. In order to grow a healthy and muscular body, the kind of nutrition you take in matters a lot. The main nutrition that the body needs in order to grow muscles healthily is proteins. They should comprise at least 70 percent of the entire diet so that the body has something to grow muscles on.

To add muscles, some increased calories are also necessary for the body, as this helps in making the body bulkier and heavier. Due to this high need for proteins, bodybuilders prefer non-vegetarian diets as they are rich in proteins and you get a large number of proteins in a small ounce. Since vegan diets do not involve any animal products, the amount of proteins is significantly low as compared to a non-vegetarian diet. This is one of the reasons why vegan diets showcase a type of challenge to bodybuilders today.

To ace, a vegan diet for bodybuilders, careful and thorough planning is devised which marks the intake of all the nutrients in specific amounts, as per the requirements of one’s body. The requirements, however, keep changing and the diet proceeds and the body built changes.

Implementation of the diet:

As has been already mentioned, in order to implement the dietary habits of a vegan, a lot of things have to be taken care of. To make sure the vegan diet for muscle gain is properly followed all the staple foods of this diet should be taken. First and foremost, a supply of at least five to seven days should be collected so that there is no breakage in the process. All the ingredients should be right there so that recipes involving these ingredients can be prepared easily.

  • Get protein-rich plant foods:

To grow strong and heavy muscles, proteins in high amounts are required. Since plant foods do not contain high amounts of proteins, it gets difficult to fill the body’s requirements. To provide your body with the required amino acids and nutrients, proteins rich vegan foods are needed to be taken in higher amounts and more frequently so as to cover up the lack of animal proteins in the body. A wider variety of these foods should be tried so that more and more proteins get inside the body. There are several foods that you can take in, such as tofu, legumes, seitan, quinoa, etc. that will provide you the required proteins and help you grow muscles to the maximum extent. However, consuming diets that involve only these foods will cause provide you little help. You can also involve high amounts of pulses as well. To increase the effect, you can also vegan protein powders that are concentrated sources of proteins that tend to help you to a much larger extent.

  • Consumption of fat is a must:

Even when you are on a diet, the consumption of healthy fats shouldn’t be stopped. Fat intake is absolutely necessary for a healthy body as fats allow muscle growth to a greater extent than proteins and carbohydrates do. With the right amounts of fat in our body, we can get the required calories that will nourish our muscles and help them grow. This means an average male that weighs around 80 kilos should take around 80 grams of fats on a regular basis so that the requirement of muscle growth in the body is full-filled. If you are new to such a diet, make sure to keep an intensive track over the macronutrients that you consume so that you grow aware of your body requirements and the changes that your body is going through.

  • Plenty of fluids:

No matter the kind of diet you are following, even if you don’t follow a diet, the number of fluids you take should be in high amounts so that your body stays replenished and your internal organs stay clean at all times. When you follow a diet made especially for vegans with all the pulses, legumes, fruits, veggies and grains, the amount of fiber inside your body tends to go really high. To make sure all that digests properly and naturally, the amount of water you take in should be high.

If the digestion of fibers is not kept in check, an excess amount of fibers in the body can lead to many issues such as pain in the abdomen, bloating, etc. To track the amount of water you should take on a regular basis, start with at least one milliliter of water for each calorie you consume. This is going to keep a check on your digestion for sure.

  • Read about it:

Irrespective of what your gym trainer or dietician suggests, it is important to explore the kind of diet you want to follow. The foods that one should take in a vegan diet for bodybuilders can vary according to the needs of the body and what suits a certain body. To make sure you get the best out of the diet, it is crucial to find and look for food items that you should consume and the ones that you should stay away from. Instead of trusting any source, learning on your own proves to be a better option every time.

Final words:

A vegan diet for bodybuilders is no biggie if it is implemented in the right manner. The food habits described above can definitely bring in a good change in your body and promote muscular growth.