healthy vegan breakfast recipes

12 Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipes That You Can Try Out Every Morning

healthy vegan breakfast recipes

Vegan foods have been so popular option these days all around the globe. If you have been looking for some healthy vegan breakfast recipes then definitely you are on the tough route. Vegans do not consume any kind of animal products, not even dairy unlike vegetarians. So, the only variety of milk that vegans can have is soya milk. For instance, if you are planning to have an ice cream or something like chocolates then you will have to make it on your own with the help of soya milk. The vegan products are very much different from that of vegetarians but at times you might find them in certain grocery stores. Are you tired of eating same everyday?Here there are great healthy vegan breakfast recipes for you to try out.

Pancakes Made From Banana and Coconut Milk

If you are not interested in having regular pancakes you can replace the milk in that recipe with coconut milk. Add some passion fruit and banana to enrich the topping and you are set to go. Especially, you can even make this if you are expecting a special guest who is vegan. Besides this, you can also have some healthy pancakes that are made from protein. You can buy any good quality protein and then use it to make your delicious pancake. 

Vegan French Toast 

To make this healthy breakfast you will have to be one of those vegans who can have bread. If you do then just cook your break to its golden-brown color and once you have done that you can simply spread some maple syrup and crushed blueberry or raspberry along with some dusted sugar on top. This is something that you can make daily.

Vegan Muffins 

Muffins might not be the most common breakfast item out there but when it comes to vegan muffin then it can be used as a great add on your regular breakfast. These can be made from muesli along with pecan. You can prepare them in bulk amount and store them with you. These do not get spoiled easily. 

Waffles With Maple and Mushrooms 

These are chive waffles made like pancakes and are great for everyone irrespective of what kind of taste you have. If you have been looking for pancakes or waffles then this could be a great and healthy recipe for a vegan. This is neither too hot not cold in any sense.

Mexican Salad with Avogadro and Beans 

This could be a great and healthy breakfast for the vegans out there. You can add some special spices and sauces to infuse Mexican flavor to your veggies. Even if you are not a vegan make sure you try this out in your breakfast as it could be a great breakfast for those who want to follow a diet. 

Cardamom with Peach Quinoa Porridge 

This is another easy to make a vegan thing that can be followed in the breakfast routine. If you have some oats in your fridge for quite some time now then grab some fresh quinoa and peach and almonds. Just add everything in a small saucepan and add water and almond milk to it. Cook it for about 15mins and then some more of almond milk to make the entire thing creamy. Now stir it for another 5 mins and it is ready. If you want you can add some maple syrup and some other fruits for garnishing. This is probably the tastiest way to make something out of your oats. 

 Vegan Sausage and Roasted Veggies 

If you are looking for some yummy and healthy vegan breakfast then you are you can have sausage made of soybean with other items like hash browns and grilled or roasted veggies like mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and even scrambled tofu. It might be difficult to make so much every day but you can have this as a Sunday morning breakfast. 

Vegan Pizza for Breakfast 

Pizza is one of the favorite things that everyone loves but when it comes to the vegan they cannot have pizza because of the cheese that is an indispensable part of the pizza. If you are looking for a super yummy breakfast then vegan pizza is something you can try. Instead of the cheese just use some tofu and almond milk to make some kind of cheese. It will not be as tasty as your mozzarella cheese but it still can be a good breakfast as this is a super healthy thing. You can try this out as a snack as well. 

Tomato and Mushroom Vegan Pancakes 

Pancakes are a very common breakfast and by now you know how to make some vegan pancakes. Add a pinch of salt and some mushrooms and tomato in the batter. This would be a different kind of breakfast and honestly a very tasty one. Some vegetarians also have some issues with mushroom but the vegans can have mushroomed and they do. If you are a vegan who will have mushroom then you can put something else in the pancakes like capsicum or corn which can be the ideal substitution in such a case. Cooking this entire recipe will take you about 30 mins which is a fair enough time for anyone to spend on their breakfast.

Tropical Smoothie Ideal for the Summer Season 

Having a punch of tropical fruits in the summer is something that most people desire. So, if you want something like that then here is the perfect recipe for the process. make a smoothie from mango, pineapple and if you want you can also add a little bit of almost milk. Once that is done just serve the whole thing with some blueberries on top and then with some grounded almonds if possible. If you want you can add sugar to the entire thing before even making a smoothie but this entirely depends on your taste. This could be a great thing in the summer morning not just for the vegans but for everyone out there. 

Vegan Granola 

Granola is something that is not a very tasty thing but many people consume it as a very healthy thing. So, if you have been looking for a simple and yet tasty vegan way of making granola then here is a recipe for you. Place some maple syrup on the granola and then pour maple syrup onto it. Once you have done that just bake the entire thing at 180 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake this thing for about 20 minutes and then it is ready to eat. This thing can even be stored for up to 1 month and eaten anytime you desire. 

Orange and Mint Salad 

This is something unique and different but this is something worth trying. It s a simple salad but if tried together as a combo it can be a great refreshment of taste from regular boring stuff. 

In Conclusion

If you have been looking for something that can help you have some healthy vegan breakfast early in the morning then these could be great ideas. Vegans anyhow have a very limited number of options when it comes to food choices, however, you can help to improve the overall scenario with these great and healthy vegan breakfast ideas. These are some recipes that will not only be liked by the vegans but also by everyone. Some of the recipes are slightly time-consuming and it is good idea you can try them out at the weekends. However, most of them can be made very quickly and are ideal for everyday purposes also.